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This section of our websites celebrates the excellence within our region. We truly believe that acknowledging our hard working volunteer members is one of the best ways to inspire.

2011-2012 Chapter of the Year | San Jose Chapter


The San Jose Chapter under the leadership of Shaw Alexander has been causing positive change in their community and within the Region. A letter from President Alexander sums up their process for succes.

A message of “5 Stars and 3 Rs” from “Prez Shaw” of the San Jose Chapter

As I enter my second term as President of the Sensational San Jose Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated, I feel so proud of our children and our chapter’s programming. We are a “Chapter on Fire” (as our Sister-Mom Alicia Keys would say)”!

Never underestimate the power of African American women when it comes to our children and being servant leaders.  As a chapter, we are faced with challenges as any other chapter but we are determined to stay focused on our mission because we are committed to providing the very best for our children and all children in our community.  How do we do this?  5 Stars and 3 Rs!

We do our very best to follow the 5 Star Chapter Excellence Guide that provides a model for Chapter Excellence and we mix that with a large dose of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY & REWARD. Do not be discouraged if you feel these stars are out of reach! Take small steps and before you know it, your chapter will be soaring.hallenges as any other chapter but we are determined to stay focused on our mission because we are committed to providing the very best for our children and all children in our community. How do we do this? 5 Stars and 3 Rs!

Now let’s have the conversation about the 3 R’s of Respect, Responsibility and Reward:

RESPECT: Each member of our chapter is referred to with their title if they are an officer (Madame VP or Madame Treasurer, etc.) or Mother-member (Mother-member Janice, etc.). We use this discipline in all of our verbal and written communications. Using titles may sound very minor but it definitely engenders a level of admiration and respect that goes a long way in keeping sisterly relationships. Try it – it works!

RESPONSIBILITY: Each Mother-Member has talents and something positive to contribute. Some mother-members will be able to give 110% on an effort and others will give less. Accept this fact and assign responsibility accordingly (and lovingly). Let the Mother-member know that the chapter is counting on her to deliver. Expect her to deliver by letting everyone know that Mother-Member “X” has accepted this awesome responsibility and cheer her for stepping up! More is done if more is expected! This brings me to our next R, REWARD!

REWARD: We have a tradition at our Chapter meetings of celebrating birthdays of the month by having mother-members stand and dance to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” song. This sets a positive tone for the chapter meeting and allows mother-mothers with birthdays to be recognized and feel special. We also have our officers, committee chairs and group leaders report status with introductory music. Yes, Madame Chair of the Black History Committee enters on the music of “This Is How We Do It” We stay energized, take care of business and celebrate our successes! Give it a shot, Mother-members will look forward to your next chapter meeting!

I hope you find these tips useful. Try them and set your chapter “On Fire”!

Shaw Alexander, 2010-14 President
San Jose Chapter, FWR Chapter of the Year


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